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Marketing Courses
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Have an interest in digital marketing? Want to use digital marketing to grow your business? Or perhaps you’re considering a career switch?

We have following courses to help you:

Introduction to digital marketing courses

Facebook/Instagram marketing courses

Social media marketing courses

E-Commerce courses

Upgrade your skills at subsidised rates under SkillsFuture with our range of WSQ digital marketing courses to choose from!

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Courses We Offer


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to develop & implement digital marketing strategies for your company.

Find out the latest digital marketing trends, monitor key performance metrics & evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Effective copywriting techniques are crucial for a digital marketing professional to educate, engage & entertain.

In this course, you will be taught how to create compelling content for your visitors to successfully convert them as your customers.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for websites to get a higher ranking on search engines like Google.

Learn how to perform on-site and off-site SEO audit, discover potential keywords to optimise your web content, so you too can rank #1 in search engines.

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Digital Advertising

A cornerstone of good digital marketing is knowing which platform to advertise on.

Learn how to create and post Google & Facebook ads to reach your online audiences. Get leads efficiently without hard selling products/services.

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Social Media Marketing

Having social media accounts for your business is great, but how do you tap on its maximum potential?

We teach you the tips and tricks to choose the right platform, engage your audience and scale your business.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

Data insights help you make important & informed decisions for marketing budgets.

Learn how to set up your Google Analytics (GA) account. Find out how to interpret GA reports to improve your overall campaign performance & ROI.

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Considering A Career Switch?

There is unlimited potential in the field of digital marketing. Those who are considering a career switch may consider the following roles:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist. Get the chance to create exciting & new marketing campaigns and assist your company to get leads efficiently.
  • SEO Specialist. Conduct on-site and off-site analysis of companies in various industries. Get your company ranked #1 on search engine results with your expertise.
  • Social Media Marketing Expert. Take part in strategising how to increase your company's social content visibility and BE SEEN!

Earn between SGD$3,500 to SGD$9,100 per month. Excited to be a part of the digital marketing scene? Join us now.

What Do I Stand To Gain From Attending These Courses?

We aim to help you achieve the following outcomes:

Create WINNING campaigns that work for your business the first time you run them

Recognise potential mistakes when running ads and how you can avoid them

Scale your business with digital marketing

Upgrade yourself and reach your target audience with the right marketing methods today!

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Why Should I Apply For A Digital Marketing Course?

Being open-minded to learn new skills is essential to stay relevant in the industry or advancing your career.

Besides elevating your skills, you'll open yourself to new doors and business opportunities.

Beat those excuses and start small today. With our 2-day digital marketing courses, stand out from your competition to get more leads and conversions.

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Why Us

Interactive Learning

Our trainers will guide you to create winning campaigns to help you scale

Learn From Experts

Our industry experts have generated millions of dollars in sales for big companies, and they want to do the same for you

Structured Curriculum

We provide step-by-step guidance on digital marketing fundamentals that will benefit your learning regardless of your level of expertise

Our Instructors

Tan Wan Ting

Wan Ting manages the Singapore office of Weave Asia, a Design and Digital Marketing Agency, and has more than 10 years experience in Digital Marketing.

Weave Asia has branches in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. They help companies run their marketing and branding campaigns.

Lenney Leong

Lenney is a young Singaporean millennial entrepreneur who has spoken alongside giants of the industry such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Brian Tracy.

He has founded his own digital agency, Get Customers, with notable clients like CapitaLand and National Geographic.

Brett Le

Brett Le is a multiple business owner with more than 10+ years of retail business experience.

He is very well-versed in the organic methods of digital marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook. He is the co-founder of digital agency, Get Customers, alongside millennial entrepreneur Lenney Leong.

Tylus Lim

With 18 years experience in the business of internet marketing, Tylus has helped companies spanning over 30 industries in their marketing efforts.

His notable clients includes Singapore Armed Forces, People’s Association, Shangri-La Group, Prudential, Star Cruises, Singapore Institute of Technology etc.

Our Testimonials

Had Joshua Chua teach this class (Copywriting). Mind you this is a 2 day course over zoom (Thanks, Pandemic), so its hard enough to keep the lecture interesting, let alone the attention span of adults who have not studied in a long time.

The class was engaging and fun; lots of activities to make you think on your toes and gives you great ideas for your own business. Highly recommended.

Amy Choo

The Digital Marketing Course is a very useful course for people who want to make use of the online platforms to set up online business.

The trainers are very professional in delivering each of their modules and are very engaging and helpful thus make learning fun and easy for us to follow. Great course! Will recommend it to friends.

Kin Chen

Trainer David is very knowledgeable with relevant industry knowledge and was able to answer all questions raised.

I strongly recommend everyone to attend SEO class at ASK Training Centre. Kudos to ASK team!
I will return to attend other courses like Digital Marketing.

Candice Lum

I attended the 2 day Digital Marketing - SEO class by trainer David in July 2021. Favorite part of the course was the hands-on practice, which gave me a good idea on conducting an SEO audit and rectifying some of those issues myself.

Overall it was value-adding, and I'm a lot more confident in dealing with marketing agencies now


David Aw is very professional and shares his Digital marketing experiences with learners.

He even spent part of his lunch break to coach learners who needed his guidance.

Thank you David Aw. I will certainly recommend friends to your course.

Jenny Ho

"I recently attended an online Digital Marketing course at @ASK Training. The whole process was seamless from start to finish.

The course instructor was knowledgeable and worked at a pace that everyone could follow. I highly recommend Anson and his team should you wish to upgrade your skills."


Attended the SEO class lately and it was a fruitful experience as I get to better understand the process and tools that we can apply to better manage our biz.

Excellent training and pleasant experience provided by ASK Training. I recommend for people to attend the course if you would like to upgrade yourself :)

Leow Zhen Wei

Great Introduction to Digital Marketing for anyone curious where to start.  It does give an all rounded overview of what to expect from different angles.  At least I know what to expect from the  key digital marketers now.  Thanks for a great course.

Linda Ling

Superb training center, with friendly admin staff that went all out to help. Clear communication on all training matters. Highly trained and experience trainer whom industrial experience helps in provide innovative solution.

PH Tan

Who Is Eligible For SkillsFuture Subsidies?

Subsidies are eligible for Singaporeans and PRs across all digital marketing courses. You’d just need to be 21 and above to qualify.

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What Are The Course Fees Like?

For Singaporeans who are age 40 and above, net course fees are $167.67 after deducting SSG Grants.

The above fees include the 90% government grant subsidies, and apply across the board for all courses.

*Terms and conditions apply

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ASK Training Digital Marketing Course
Are These Courses SkillsFuture Claimable?

Our WSQ Digital Marketing Courses require little cash upfront. Learners can enjoy up to 90% government funding claimable from initiatives like SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to pay for the remaining course fee.

What Will I Learn and Gain From These Courses?

You will be able to gain insights from our experienced trainers who have worked with reputable companies such as National Geographic, Prudential, Shangri-La Group and many more.

You will be equipped with the necessary tools to market your businesses in the digital world and beyond. You will learn about the emerging digital marketing trends and how to integrate offline and online marketing methods to increase your followers, leads and sales.

There would also be hands-on opportunities to simulate the creation of ads on the Facebook Ad manager and Google Ad platforms, so that you will be ready to dive straight into your digital marketing journey at the end of the course.

How Will These Classes Be Conducted?

We have different modes of learning available for your selection. Simply let us know if you would prefer to attend our home-based learning classes or in-person training classes at our physical training locations.

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